10 Minutes on the Phone with Priyanka Chopra (on a BRU Break!)

MissMalini , 25 May 2011

After a full day of anticipation I finally got to talk to the one and only Priyanka Chopra for a MissMalini.com exclusive just for you :) here’s a little insight into her new BRU coffee commercial (after the one with Shahid Kapoor) and the most beautiful desi girl in the world, grab a cup of coffee and read on…

Priyanka & Shahid BRU commercial
Priyanka & Shahid BRU commercial

PC: Hi Malini, it’s nice to finally talk to MissMalini! *lol*

MM: It’s SO awesome to talk to you Priyanka, we LOVE you over here at MissMalini.com!

PC: Thank you! That’s so sweet…

MM: You’ve been shooting all day, do you drink a lot of coffee on set?

PC: I love my coffee and drink lots of it on set. Either black or cappuccino, if I’m in a hurry then a quick mix of both, just coffee powder and hot steaming milk!

MM: So what’s the story of the new BRU ad?

PC: The new commercial for BRU has just me in it, no Shahid this time, it’s a series and without revealing too much I’ll tell you it’s about me being alone at home… just me and my coffee. I’m not a tea drinker so I don’t know how it is for them but coffee drinkers share a relationship with their coffee. My first sip of coffee is my moment (which is usually in my car on the way to work!) It’s almost like a courtship and I’d kill anyone who comes between me and my first sip in the morning!

MM: The ad with Shahid Kapoor is all about lightening the situation, how do you usually lighten things up when someone gets upset?

PC: Lightening the situation is all about getting your thoughts together and easing out… take it easy no matter how stressful things feel. If you think about it, from some perspective (maybe not your own) things are actually alright. I have an instant temper I flare up and cool down instantly. Anybody who knows me knows that about me :)

MM: Have you ever asked a guy out for Coffee?

PC: I would never ask a guy out!

MM: Has anyone creatively asked you out for Coffee?

PC: You know, it’s sad, nobody really asks me out!

MM: Because you’re Priyanka Chopra! Maybe they’re intimidated…

PC: Ya but even the ones for whom it wouldn’t be intimidating don’t! I would love it if someone did. I love sitting in coffee shops… especially abroad, writing or reading, watching the world go by… Now-a-days its usually from my car with the music blaring… but maybe at a coffee shop at 3am, I’m a night person not a morning person!

MM: If you could have a cup of coffee with anyone celebrity at all who would it be?

PC: Hmmm. Matthew McConaughey, I think he’s very hot!

MM: 3 words that describe BRU best?

PC: It’s amazing… it’s got a rich exotic flavor… but easy enough to be accessible and light (that’s more than five words I know lol!)

3 words to describe YOU best?

PC: (Hugely) Emotional, Nomad (in my head obviously) & Child.

MM: A message to all my blog readers who voted you the most adventurous young and sexy celebrity in my GUESS contest?

PC: How sweet! You’re right, I am! *lol* thank you everybody… I know it sounds like a cliché but, life IS a huge adventure! Live it, you never know what will happen next. I know that’s easier said than done but right now, if we stop for one second and look around and cherish this moment (like I cherish my coffee) for those 7 minutes you’ll notice the cars passing by and the kids going to school and think, God I’m alive and its incredible!

MM: And now for a few (of your) Twitter Questions!


PC: I have some big things (besides my movies) coming up to expand my horizons. I’ll talk about it when I’m ready! :)


PC: I AM destiny’s child I don’t have a choice. I went from being an average 17-year-old girl to Miss World, if that’s not destiny then I don’t know what is!


PC: You know, I don’t know anybody who would be able to. I have a huge amount of facets to my personality and they consume me. I can be tough and vulnerable at the same time… I’m not scared of standing on the edge of a cliff but I do break down and cry…. I’m an extremist. I’m a little girl but I can take on the world. I guess the only one who could play me in a movie would be me!

And that was it. Around 10 minutes talking to the most friendly, charming and delightful Bollywood actress I’ve ever come across who (for once, unlike the rest) talked to me just like a regular girl. Gotta love PC! #Awesome.


*Sent her a tweet today and not only did she ReTweet my blog link she replied too, yaay!

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