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Ranjit Rodricks , 26 May 2011
Niharika Khan
Niharika Khan

People in the fashion fraternity will swear on their yearly subscription of Vogue that apart from being one of the most fun and amusing people to hang out with, stylist and accessory designer Niharika Khan is also one of the quirkiest.

Be it the multiple tattoos of insects crawling up her arm (“I did them in Amsterdam,” she reveals), a piercing on the calf of her leg and also just below her left eye (shudder!), or the shock of green hair on one side of her head (at times it’s been purple and blue as well), Niharika Khan cuts a funky figure that you can’t help but admire – simply because she’s the non-conformist mother of two adorable pre-teen girls.

On Wednesday evening, we were hanging out at our fave coffee joint in Khar, Mumbai, when we spotted Ms. Khan chatting away animatedly on a purple telephone. Well, now you might think there’s nothing unusual about that. But it wasn’t her mobile… or was it?

Yubz – : the telephone receiver-style earphone for your mobiles (photo courtesy coolbuzz.org)

Curious about why she would carry her house telephone around instead of a more handy mobile, we inched closer for dekho and were utterly surprised to discover that Niharika had attached a traditional telephone receiver to her mobile phone, curly wire and all.

“I recently bought this in Hong Kong for approximately 1500rs“, she says of her funky accessory. What’s more, she picked up one in lime-green as well for her husband, actor Ayub Khan.

“I love people’s reaction when they see me walking on the road with a receiver to my ear and no telephone in sight,” she giggles mischievously.

This retro looking phone receiver can be attached to a mobile phone. The idea is that it reduces radiation caused by excessive cell phone usage. It’s a great fashion accessory with a cause. They featured it on the show, “The Talk” when Dr. Gadget came on it. And it comes in funky colours.

YUBZ has created a collection of telephone receivers that can be jacked up with your cellphones like regular earphones. Available in a whole funky range of vibrant colors, the YUBZ definitely brings back ‘retro phoning’!

Clearly one to make a style statement before the rest of the junta, we can’t help thinking that this is one fashion accessory everybody will put on their shopping list the next time they go abroad!

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