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Wednesday night, I packed my sick self (I am very talented at catching all the trendy illnesses being passed around lately) into a rickshaw and headed to Juhu for the premiere of Kung Fu Panda 2. I was sure there must have been a Chinese proverb somewhere that said “uncontrollable laughter due to a preposterous panda named Po will heal all.”

The movie focused on multiple topics other than a Kung Fu Panda including adoption and finding inner peace, but Po’s thought provoking question throughout the movie ‘Who Am I?’ stuck with me after leaving the theatre.

This Friday, in honor of Po’s battle as Dragon Warrior to save China and answer the question ‘Who Am I’, is about five things I have learned about who I am since living in India.

Who Am I?

Five Things Fridays
Five Things Fridays

1. I am seriously addicted to technology. Gone are the days of roaming around South East Asia without a mobile and considering myself lucky if I was able to sign onto Skype once a week. These days I have pangs of anxiety if I forget my Blackberry even for a quick dinner. What if my best friend sends me a picture of the wedding dress she is trying at the store and needs my opinion ASAP via BBM? What if I miss precious time to Skype with my mom, because I didn’t receive her Whatsapp message?  This technology stuff can be exhausting.

2. I pick up and lose cultural habits quickly. Please refer to the head bob I had fully developed by early March as an example.  My family and friends waited impatiently for me to bob while home on holiday at the end of the month, but were disappointed when head stayed straight while talking. Guess what? It’s back! (observation courtesy of my very amused colleague.)

3. I am almost a patient person. Almost being the key word here, but I have come a long way since I have first arrived. In the beginning, little things like taxi drivers charging me 400% of the actual rate used to really push my buttons, but as time passes I have learned to laugh off things like last week when a beggar child pulled out my earphones giving my leg a nice whack.

4. I will try just about anything when it comes to food, minus mayonnaise. I can do crickets and ants, but mayo gives me the creeps. Go figure. Too many times have I made the mistake of asking what I have put in my mouth AFTER the unidentifiable sometimes disgusting object is sliding down my throat.  When will I learn to ask first and then eat?

5. I am a very lucky girl! In my ever so unbiased opinion, I have the best group of friends and family anyone could ever ask for. I suspect this to be based on pure luck! India has not only taught me time and again to appreciate my amazing circle of loved ones at home and abroad, but that it intends to keep adding lifelong friends who will make it incredibly hard to leave one day. I am blessed!

What have you learned about who you are this year?