The “Fame Monster” is Attacking India: Lady Gaga Gets a Bollywood Remix!

Malini Agarwal

Lady Gaga (Photo by PR Photos)
Lady Gaga (Photo by PR Photos)

‘The reason I’m going to India now is because I can,’ says Lady Gaga. ‘I didn’t have the money before to travel and bring all of my things with me.’

Lady Gaga told WSJ’s Lee Hawkins in an exclusive interview that she plans to break into our Bollywood-crazed India! She and her team have launched a formal strategy to spread her brand to desi land. The push into India is part of the massive marketing and social-media machine the Lady Gaga team has created around the release of her third album, Born This Way. Gaga is ready to go Desi again and this time she is taking “Judas” east.  In conjunction with Desi Hits!, Lady Gaga has worked with music duo, Salim-Suleiman and Bhangra producer Punjabi MC and has created two Desi remixes of her hit track, Judas. Check it out!
Psst! Remember when we spotted her with Priyanka Chopra? She is one crazy sexy cool cat, you have to give her that!