Expat Unplugged: Five Things Friday

Expat Unplugged: Five Things Friday

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We all know the childhood jingle about the old man snoring and how he couldn’t get up in the morning. The bigger question is how will I survive if it keeps raining morning after morning? I have done my fair share of fretting over the onset of monsoon and sometime only recently realized it was best to put that energy once used to fuss into preparing. As a result, I am all geared up (I think) for my first Mumbai Monsoon Season. Bring it on…. as lightly as possible please!

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…..

Five Things Fridays
Five Things Fridays

This Friday, it’s all about the 5 things to keep wet from getting even wetter.

1. Sliding dirty feet through damp jeans is a pretty gross feeling. Trust me. I have the lovely experience yesterday. Invest in a cute pair of rain boots. I love rubber boots with fun print such as the pink polka dotted pair I saw on Linking Road this weekend, but will probably wear the soles off the more subtle black boots my grandparents brought me during their recent visit. Thanks Grams and Gramps!

2. Worried about wearing a nice top or delicate dress? If you had a light, waterproof jacket, you wouldn’t think twice about it. I cheated a bit and purchased this one from the States, but I made sure the same company ships here first. Check out Urban Outfitters for a similar product and hopefully a similar price. I scored my Spiewak jacket in the men’s sale section for a whopping $5 USD (Rs. 225). Never doubt the clearance section, as I saved $173.00 on this purchase. Yipee!

3. This one shouldn’t take much thought, but I invested 20 minutes into choosing a monsoon suitable umbrella. Key factors included sturdiness, ease of opening, size, and of course color.  I love that my new mustard umbrella reminds me to ‘Buy Happy, Be Happy’ every time I open it. P.S. Don’t forget mustard is the ‘new black’.

4. Dirt on your boots? Eyeliner smudged? I swear by baby wipes for all of my little messy problems. May I suggest a to-go pack for your purse, a small pack for your office and a large pack for your home? You will not regret it.

5. I could not decide whether I should suggest silica gels packets for your wardrobes or waterproof mascara for the last item.  Since no one really wants to focus on musty clothing, waterproof mascara it is! Waterproof mascara will make your eyes pop and limit the smudge marks under the eye. Pair this with a little lip gloss and you are good to go out the door.

All bets are on, think I have what I need to survive my first Mumbai monsoon?