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Nails are the easiest way to bring a little pop of colour to your outfit, now days though there are a variety of nail art and techniques that are being seen everywhere. From runways to nail salons here are some nail trends that I’m not sure whether to love or hate. Tell me what you think!

Crackle or Shatter your Nails?

OPI Shatter and Sally Hansen's Crackle
OPI Shatter and Sally Hansen’s Crackle

Who ever thought chipped nail polish would be fashionable huh? Well it just so happens a lot of people do, OPI and Sally Hansen have come up with these nail paints that crack. The procedure is fairly simple, my 11 year old cousin could do it. If you find these in a store near you try em out. Below is a video on how it actually cracks, watch closely!

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Moon Manicures

Moon Manicures
Moon Manicures

This particular trend is oh so classy, especially when done with nude tones. It’s all about the 1930/1940s and era that is growing on me day by day. Try your hand at these little understated beauties. Tip: have someone help you with it, it’s difficult to do on your own with shaky hands!

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Metallic Fake Nails

Metallic Nails
Metallic Nails

Alright, I NEED to get some fake metallic nails. I didn’t think I could love tacky, but i’m loving these mirror bright metallics by Minx and Dashing diva. Not only do they come in different colours but they look really great when paired with a simple black dress. Think of them as jewellery, okay i got to stop trying to sell this trend! Also spotted on Samantha in Sex And The City 2 (the desert scene when she meet that hunk in the jeep).

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