MissMalini Exclusive: Chitrangada Singh's Monsoon Hair Care Regime

Sue Castellino , 15 Jun 2011
Chitrangada Singh
Chitrangada Singh

Did you know that apart from being super gorgeous and a talented actress, Chitrangada Singh has a degree in Food & Nutrition? Maybe that’s her secret to being so svelte! Well, she’s given us the scoop on how to maintain your curls (just like she does) in the monsoon. Here are the tips straight from Chitrangada herself!

Chitrangada’s Hair Tips

You must pamper your hair with a monsoon hair care regime that is unique to its individual needs.

– Dry hair will need good nourishment to prevent it from becoming frizzy during monsoons. It is best to give your hair a good coconut oil champi for at least an hour before shampooing it off. Coconut oil seeps in your scalp to deeply moisturize your hair, removing the frizz and giving it a smoother look and feel.
– Oily hair tends to become limp during monsoons and requires hair products that will give volume and nourishment to the hair. Conditioning your hair pre-wash with an oil champi and post-wash with conditioners that are suited to your hair will kiss all your hair worries good-bye.
– Drink plenty of water, and munch on healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables, whole grains and nuts as they will keep your hair healthy and shiny.
– Pat your hair dry with a towel and couple it up at times with a hair dryer. Use a soft hair brush or a wide-toothed comb so that your hair isn’t treated harshly and it maintains its shine and natural oils

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