The new show is called MTV Roots and will feature music videos from  ‘global and local artists/bands of South  Asian origin’. The best part is that it’s open to all languages, so you’ll be  able to watch everyone from Raghu Dixit to Scribe to Something Relevant on one show. The show will probably start around the same time (they  don’t have a confirmed date yet) as Coke Studio @ MTV which beings airing on the 17th of June. I’m quite looking forward to seeing what the  first season of Coke Studio @ MTV will be like – I have my concerns  because the focus on Bollywood goes against the whole concept of  discovering new artists and incredible talent, which is what worked for  the Pakistani version, and what made it so popular. Still, I’d rather  wait-and-watch, it could be well balanced and might work.

Heads up all bands and artists – MTV is on the lookout for music videos  to feature on the show, so please send them your stuff. You have to get  in touch with Riad (contact details below). Riad used to work with MTV Iggy in New York and has recently moved to India; he’s very supportive of new music and it’s great to have him in the country.

Riad Saha
Phone: 09167077787

My favourite new music video, is Ankur Tewari‘s Jaanu from Jannat, directed by Prarthna Singh. I loved the Mad Men (the TV show) feel to the video.

My favourite old music video is Pentagram’s Disconnected from Up, directed by Sameer Kulavoor. It’s a clay-mation video and is absolutely terrific. Sameer is working on a new video for the band for the track Lovedrug Climbdown from their acclaimed fourth studio album Bloodywood which I can’t wait to see.

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