Expat Unplugged: Five Things Fridays - Jun 24, 2011

Andrea , 24 Jun 2011

Expat Unplugged Diary

Monsoon season, I am preparing for you! The sun is shining and I plan to take full advantage of it by stocking up on heaps of craft materials this weekend that will keep me busy during the many rainy days to come. Dear Weather, please cooperate! Here are the five projects I plan to complete while staying dry inside:

Crafts and Cravings

Five Things Fridays
Five Things Fridays

1. Makeup Magnet Board – My makeup and I play Hide and Go Seek on a daily basis. It’s getting a bit ridiculous and requires some organization asap. I found the perfect solution on Beautylish. Magnets and makeup, who would have guessed?

2. Repurposing Candlestick – The candybowl and cakestand made out of old candlesticks are too cute. Can you imagine stocking the candybowl up with flavored ice cubes or maybe your runaway makeup?

3. Homemade Hummus – Cooking is a project. Ask anyone who isn’t too talented with a knife and has burnt aleast eight dozen cupcakes to the crisp over my lifetime. I eat hummus literally everyday and my pocketbook was feeling it. I almost jumped for joy when I found recipes for 19 different flavors on one site. (Hint: Try substituting the oil with water used for soaking the chickpeas for an even healthier version.)

4. Floating Vase – My significant other absolutely hates this idea which is even more the reason to make it for him as a housewarming. Wish me luck on convincing him that simple is the way to go.

5. Personalized Name Hangers – My best friend was just gifted a personalized wooden hanger with ‘Mrs. Osborne’ (soon-to-be married name) spelled out in wire. I loved the idea so much, but am not a great wire bender…. Yet. I tried. I failed. Luckily the monsoon season is long and there is always the stamped name hanger if all else fails. MissMalini’s wedding isn’t too far away, so I better get to it!

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