Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha

MissMalini Peeps, I’m kind of sick of Imran Khan/Ranbir Kapoor/Deepika Padukone/Sonam Kapoor being labelled as the “current crop” of actors (*ahem*Mr. Johar!).  I like their work, but there  many others out there that could be cast in lead pairs.  If I were a casting director (What credentials do you need to become a casting director anyways?), here’s who I’d recommend:

1) Rajat Barmecha and Prachi Desai

Rajat Barmecha and Prachi Desai

They’re  cute, great actors, and should star in a Karan Joharesque college love story, which are all the rage these days! They actually look their age. Their fresh faces will be welcome to screens accustomed to actresses who say they are twenty-somethings but look at least 35 years old, and actors in their forties playing characters in their twenties!

2) Kunal Khemu and Shahana Goswami

Kunal Khemu and Shahana Goswami

He was awesome in Raja Hindustani and Zakhm (Yes, he’s that kid!) and transitioned from child star to leading man.  However, looking at his various pictures, he could use a wardrobe stylist, to polish his look.  Shahana Goswami isn’t a household name (well, she made her way in B-town via good acting skills and not a filmi last name) but with a great role in Rock On! and the upcoming Deepa Mehta film Winds of Change (based on Salman Rushdie‘s Midnight’s Children) she may blow-up internationally. I can see them in a Kolkata-set love tale.

3) Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha

Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha

Calling Yash Raj Films, put Sonakshi in your next with Ranveer Singh (he has 1 more film to go with YRF in his contract), in a rural-set epic romance, outside the usual Delhi/Mumbai scenery.  We all know Ranveer Singh can act, and while Sonakshi Sinha‘s role was appreciated in Dabangg, she was hardly in it!

So MissMalini Peeps, do you like these choices of new couplings? Have your own suggestions?