10 Minutes on the Phone with Aditya Roy Kapur! *drool*

MissMalini , 27 Jun 2011

You’ve heard me rave about Bollywood’s new eye-candy Aditya Roy Kapur time and again (also as hottie of the week) right? Well, today his publicist hooked me up for a nice little chat on the phone and he was fun, friendly and laughed a lot, love him even more now :)

Aditya Roy Kapur
Aditya Roy Kapur

MM: Hi Aditya! You know we’re huge fans of yours over here at MissMalini.com! Especially you in Action Replayy

ARK: Oh that’s lovely… thanks ya!

MM: Also I don’t know if you remember but we’ve met, you dropped by my house for an after party once with Diva!

ARK: Ya of course, very recently in fact… you have a very nice house :)

MM: Thanks! So tell me how did you become a VJ and then an actor? What’s the story…

ARK: Oh its actually all luck! I was in college doing lots of nothing (as people in college look forward to doing) then I got a call from my brother’s friend who had told my brother “listen Aditya’s not doing anything right now, tell him to audition for Channel [v]” but I told my mom, “no mama, I don’t want to do it…” and she of course kicked my ass and said “do something!” so I went to the audition, it was with Sarah Jane Dias, she was the resident VJ at the time and I got the job! Then another 4 and a half years later I auditioned for London Dreams and I got that too, very lucky!

MM: So what’s your secret at auditions, clearly you’re acing them!

ARK: I really don’t know, I’m terrible at auditions but I guess every 4 years or so I give a good one! *Lol*

MM: What do you think you’d be doing if it wasn’t this?

ARK: I still think about that, I don’t have a plan B! I guess till about the 7th grade it was to play cricket, you’re laughing but I was really good! (And then I wasn’t.) I’m really into music too, I sing, play the guitar with a few friends, we have a band…

MM: Really? What’s your band called?

ARK: It’s actually a band with no name… I play for fun but if I wasn’t acting I’d like to think I’d be doing something with music… I like writing songs…

MM: Oh cool, so what’s the last song you wrote?

ARK: So… my songs also don’t have names either! It wasn’t a love song though… it was pretty depressing.

MM: And since everybody loves to ask, who do you think is the hottest heroine in Hollywood and Bollywood according to you?

ARK: Hollywood actress hmmm… Kate Winslet especially after The Reader and Revolutionary Road, absolutely amazing… and in Bollywood I love Tabu I think she’s brilliant…

MM: And actors? Who do you admire?

ARK: Hmm, actors from the West… I guess Daniel Day Lewis, Sean Penn the regular… and in India loads of young guys, I love Abbhay Deol, even Ranveer Singh is great sand also some of the older lot they’re all good, how to choose?

MM: Lol, fair enough! And how would you classify yourself, good guy, bad guy, boy next door? What’s your tag?

ARK: I’m really bad at tagging myself, I’m a good guy I guess…what do you think?!

MM: So far you seem to be!

ARK: *Lol* So that means I’m playing my part well!

MM: Flawlessly! And I hear you’re reading a lot of scripts, anything catch your eye?

ARK: Ya, there’s lots of stuff if the pipeline but I’ll be killed if I say anything yet, hopefully something interesting will happen soon. I finally found a couple of things I really like!

MM: Can’t wait! So what’s the one movie you’d kill to have done?

ARK: One new movie I’d kill to have done.. hmm…

MM: Could be anything… old or new…

ARK: I’d love to do something like Dibakar Banerjee’s Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! Abhay’s role as a robber especially, when it’s made so real. I’d love to do something like that.

MM: Nice, so what’s your favorite line from a movie ever?

ARK: “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn!” no, I don’t know I’m really bad at these things… maybe “I’ll be back!” or “You’re not sending me to the cooler!” I’m a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan! *Lol*

MM: Really? *Lol* So what do you think about all the drama in his personal life now?

ARK: Haan.. I’ve chosen not to read those articles, not really interested in his personal life, but he had some child out of wedlock is it?

MM: Yup! With his nanny! Trust Arnie.. What was the last song that was stuck in your head?

ARK: Last song was Wonder. Was it Wonder? Yeah, Wonder by Dan Black.

MM: I’ll check it out! Can you describe the Mumbai Monsoon in 3 words?

ARK: Three words…um.. I love the monsoon it’s the best thing… I guess three words would be “Legitimizes your Laziness!” *Lol*

MM: So true! And 3 words to describe YOU best?

ARK: Lazy is one…. energetic and and uh… why don’t you fill in the last one…

MM: Cool, we’ll ask people to do that on my blog… *although in my head I totally said cute!* So what’s the one thing you wish someone had told you about Bollywood before you joined?

ARK: People told me lots of things, they told me to stay away from the casting couch, so I stayed away. I auditioned on a chair.

MM: Where do you like to hang out in Mumbai?

ARK: My favorite spot is my home, I grew up in town so all  my friends are in Colaba and I end up hanging out there a lot but I stay in Bandra.

MM: And now for a few (of your) Twitter Questions!


ARK: They were really good to me. I was tense to say the least! My first 10 days of shoot were all comedy scenes with Akhsay Kumar but he made me feel very comfy and got me out of the room and said “if you screw this up I’m gonna kill you” *lol* I’m kidding he was like, “just chill out, if you need any help I’m always there” and he was. Always keeping a check on me and helping me out, same with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, I guess they’ve all been there themselves you know?

There are loads of guys I’d like to work with, some have been there a long time and made their place like Vishal Bhardwaj, Mani Ratnam but even the new guys Dibankar, Vikram, Aditya, the whole bunch… Bijoy…I’d love to work with the whole whole new crop as well, it’s a prespeective I can identify with really well!


ARK: My brothers, yeah! I’m close to both of them. All three of us have found our way into this industry even though none of us had planned it! That way they’re both really amazing and really talented and great for me throw my ideas off and get inspiration from.


ARK: Favorite animal would be… Dog.

MM: Do you have a dog?

ARK: I used to, two dalmatians.


ARK: Well it’s short now, but comb? Never done it.

MM: And that’s it! Thanks so much for your time, super fun chatting with you!

ARK: Same here, thank you… and hope to bump into you sometime again, maybe at your place again! *Lol*

Adorable Right?! What a great start to my week, feel free to post the word you think describes him best in the comments below! :) xoxo

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