Movie Master: I Hate You (Like I Love You!)

Movie Master: I Hate You (Like I Love You!)

Movie Master

Look who’s back, back again! Yup our very own (slightly MIA) Slim Shady Movie Master makes a comeback to review Delhi Belly for you, and boy am I thrilled, especially because I was beginning to worry that I’m the only one with this song permanently stuck in my head! To take a leaf out of Vishnu’s analogies, I hate that this song is stuck in my head, like I love what it reminds me of! More blogs by the “professor” here:

Delhi Belly
Delhi Belly

The song just sticks in your head when you walk out of the theatre, and you are left with the same feeling about the film… I hated Delhi Belly (like I loved it)!

I hated that I got to see the Hinglish version and not the Hindi version (like I loved that this was this Hinglish film didn’t star Rahul Bose)

I hated Abhinay Deo’s last film Game (like I loved Delhi Belly). Guess what a difference a producer makes huh!

I hated that there was only one song (music was outstanding) (like I loved that that song was only a minute long that meant the movie was tight)

I hated that Aamir came in only at the end (like I loved that they teased it way upfront)

I hated that there was way too much potty in the film (like I loved that people could mistake tatti for a diamond)

I hated that Imran carries the film single-handedly (like I loved the support cast and really felt good for Vir Das and Vijay Raaz)

I hated that you will never get to see this on the tele (like the loved the thought of watching it again and again on DVD)

I hated that there was little Delhi (like I loved the characters of the Don, his goons, Vladamir and the landlord)

I hated that all the car chases were in a Santro (like I loved that Santro will be suing for the ‘Donkey f#@king a rickshaw’ tagline)

I hated that the fat guy was the one who had all the stomach problems (like I loved that the fat guy got the best lines)

I hated that Anusha got to shake a leg with Aamir (like I loved all the women in the film, including the landlord’s wife)

I hated the unnecessary boyfriend track (like I loved the flyover shoot-out chase sequence that followed)

I hated that people were comparing this to a Guy Ritchie film (like I loved that this movie is the best Bollywood ‘adult’ comic-caper to date)

I hated that I cant take my aunt to this film (like I loved the dialogue ‘your g#$%d is a solar eclipse)

Overall, its just sad that everyone won’t love Delhi Belly as much as a tolerant few would, and that’s a pity because  this movie could have been the next big thing after 3 idiots, and the  repeated use of expletives and abuses were a tad unnecessary!

But apart from that self-righteous, spread the message of ‘the new Bollywood’ thought, the movie is brilliant as is refreshing and you realize that you don’t need an Aparna Sen, Rajat Kapoor or a Perizaad Zohrabian to make an off-beat Hinglish movie!

P.S. OMG I just found this video on their official YouTube Channel and died laughing. “Switty” indeed. It’s so dalliciously dally. xoxo