Music on Gossip Girl: Week 2

Serena Vora , 07 Jul 2011
Chuck and Blair
Chuck and Blair

Episode 4: Touch of Eva

Chuck Bass is a reformed man with his new lady love Eva, the episode starts with the song Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells.

An upset Chuck declares war against Blair after she drove Eva out of town, the episode ends with the song Afraid of Everyone by The National.

Episode 5: Goodbye, Columbia

Serena gets into an argument with a good-looking cab-stealer who invites her for a drink while Never Get Enough by Das Pop plays.

The Chuck-Blair war intensifies and Juliet is succeeding in ruining Serena’s life, it’s just another day on the Upper East Side. Like a G6 by Far East Movement ends the episode.

Episode 6: Easy J

Blair wakes up from a nightmare with the song World’s End by Shapes of Race Cars playing.

Is it possible for there to be a party in the Upper East Side without drama? Robyn’s None of Dem plays while the truth about Jenny and Chuck is finally blasted by Gossip Girl.

One of my favorite songs from last year, Love the Way You Lie by Eminem (feat. Rihanna) plays when Blair and Chuck finally call a truce.

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