Preity Zinta's French Connection

Ridhima Sinha , 07 Jul 2011

Now, there is a lot of talk about how Preity Zinta is learning French for her role and is working really hard on getting her accent and pronunciation just right! The movie’s going to be directed by Prem Soni who is confident that Preity will ace her French language lessons and will dub her own French dialogues.

The director has been working on the script for two years and he feels that Preity looks like a French lady (!!) and she is perfect for the role. Umm… I do love Preity immensely but the French Connection is something we can’t vouch for just yet. This whole Ishq in Paris scenario reminds me of Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore in the 60s classic, An Evening in Paris (the golden age of cinema truly rocked!)

Psst. I can’t wait to find out about the men in the movie..they better be hot! So, Is Ishq in Paris that one major flick (after a long time ) that does justice to her acting skills and works as the perfect comeback vehicle? We wish its exactly what we’ve been waiting for because I’d love to see more of Preity’s infectious energy on the silver screen.

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