Blair and Serena
Blair and Serena

How many times have you watched an episode of Gossip Girl and really liked a song but didn’t know who sang it or the name? Well, till this season ends we’re going to help you out and tell you what music played on the show over the weekend.  Here’s are some of the popular songs that played in the first 3 episodes of Season 4!

Episode 1: Belles De Jour

The episode opens with The Sky’s The Limit by Jason Derulo when Blair and Serena are discussing their men situation at a Parisian café.

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry plays when Serena and Blair go on their shopping spree.

Episode 2: Double Identity

Blair and Chuck see each other for the first time in months while and aptly enough The Ghost In The Machine by B.o.B plays, this song also ends the episode.

“Just because you dress poorly doesn’t mean you’re not Chuck Bass” – Blair. I’m In Here (Piano Version) by Sia plays when Blair and Chuck meet at the train station.

Episode 3: The Undergraduates

Everyone is back where they should be in the Upper East Side where the episode begins with O Cherie by New Young Pony Club.

Blair and the sweet Dorota surprise Serena with her room, Vanessa moves in with Dan and Juliet meets a strange man in jail while Tighten Up by The Black Keys plays.

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