Shaitan’s Khoya Khoya Chand Served By The Bartender

Dhruvi Shah

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Mikey McCleary and Suman Sridhar
Suman Sridhar and Mikey McCleary

Whether or not you’ve watched Shaitan, you’re most likely familiar with the remixed version of Khoya Khoya Chand that appears in the film. The use of a song of that nature in juxtaposition with a shootout sequence is a novel and quirky idea. However, what I found out only recently was how the song came to be a part of the film and why it doesn’t appear in the film’s soundtrack.

The music producer Mikey McCleary whose artist name is The Bartender was working on an album now titled Classic Bollywood: Shaken not Stirred. A year or so ago, he met Bejoy Nambiar who was working on Shaitan. The shootout sequence had already been shot and Bejoy showed it to Mikey.They connected and the rest is as we know it. Suman Sridhar has, of course, done a brilliant job of singing it. Since the song was not recorded for the movie, it couldn’t appear in the soundtrack. But, before your hearts break, Sony released it as a single yesterday and you’re free to stream it on YouTube. How great is that? Incidentally, it is the first time Sony India has even released a single. A lot of firsts here. But we’re not complaining, are we?

Shaitan Film Stills
Shaitan Film Stills
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