Music On Gossip Girl: Week 4

Serena Vora , 21 Jul 2011
Blair & Chuck in the episode "The Townie"
Blair & Chuck in the episode "The Townie"

Episode 10: Gaslit

Made For Us by Mackintosh Braun starts off this year’s Gossip Girl Thanksgiving episode.

Serena never fails to get into trouble, she wakes up in a strange room and sees that she’s been drugged while Down Underground by The Limiñanas plays.

Episode 11: The Townie

Blair and Dan come together to solve the Juliet mystery and set off on a road-trip to Juliet’s hometown in Connecticut, Nelly’s Just A Dream plays during their search.

We can always count on Gossip Girl to help locate someone and she comes to Blair and Dan’s rescue to locate Juliet while State of Our Affairs by Mt. Desolation plays.

Episode 12: The Kids Are Not All Right

Poor Lonely Boy misses out on an important interview waiting for Serena once again, the song Ghosts by The Hundred in the Hands is the perfect song for the situation.

Blair realizes she wants to be an editor of a fashion magazine towards the end of the episode as For All Your Sins by The Dig plays.

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