Katrina Kaif's Mathematician Sister!

Miss R. , 29 Jul 2011
Isabel and Katrina Kaif
Isabel Turcotte and Katrina Kaif

Hi Miss Malini Peeps,

When it comes to sisters of Bollywood actresses, they tend to make their own way into the industry (like Karishma Kapoor followed by Kareena Kapoor, or even Tanisha Mukherjee following Kajol), or follow their own different pursuits, like Deepika Padukone‘s sister Anisha Padukone, a professional badminton player.

While Katrina Kaif’s youngest sister Isabel Turcotte is likely to follow in Katrina Kaif‘s footsteps into Bollywood, Katrina has another successful (and very smart) sister. It turns out that Melissa Turcotte, won the Laing O’Rourke Mathematics Award at Imperial College in 2009 (it’s like the Oscars of the science world) and completed a four year Master of Science graduate degree. Clicking the hyperlink, you’ll see that Melissa does look like her famous Bollywood sister.

Melissa Turcotte
Melissa and Suzanne Turcotte (photo courtesy | express.co.uk)

This article from the Daily Express in London, offers a very interesting glimpse into Katrina‘s life from a non-Indian or Bollywood related media outlet. Firstly it gives us a look into how loyal all the Turcottes are to their mother:

“In support of their mother, Suzanne’s children are unanimously vague about their different fathers. They all have Canadian accents and lived there for some time, but birthplaces also include Japan and France. Katrina who was born in Hong Kong is the only child who is half-Indian and her father, Mohammed Kaif, originally from Kashmir is a British citizen.”

Also, it features an interview with Katrina‘s older sister Christine, who recalls their time performing at orphanages as children:

“We weren’t very good, ” recalls Christine. “When we were in Japan they found our bad singing funny, but by the time we were living in France, our audiences were less tolerant.”

The article even mentions how Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif would visit Christine Turcotte’s house in Barnet, north of London, and would be very under the radar to avoid press.  It also discusses Suzanne Turcotte’s orphanage in Madhurai, The Claretian Mercy Home, a very admirable endeavor.

So MissMalini readers, while the Indian press is a buzz about Isabel Turcotte, I find Melissa Turcotte’s, or even her mother’s achievements, quite impressive. What about you?

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