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Juhi Pande , 30 Jul 2011
Juhi Pande
Juhi Pande

I’ll be honest. It’s no fun doing a review for a film which is superlative. I mean, what can one say? It sort of stops after “It was awesome” “You must watch it”. I don’t like to deconstruct good cinema.

Or maybe this is all just one big fat excuse for not giving you a movie review this week.

Fine, I’ll admit it. It’s raining too much and by the time I watch Tree Of Life most of you would have seen it already. I’ve been waiting to watch it for the past few months and if Bombay wasn’t drowning, I would have probably been in a movie theatre by now. So, what I am going to do is, give you a list of films that I have absolutely loved and can watch over and over again, especially on days like today when I’m trapped at home. Let’s see if yours match mine:

1. A Room With A View : I think I was around 12 when I watched this film for the first time. And James Ivory’s direction had me mesmerised. They used to play this film on Star Movies on a loop and I think I watched it every single time.

2. Terminator II : People always hate on me when I tell them that this film is amongst my top 3 favourites of all time. But let’s face it, when T-1000 walks out of the burning truck as molten, gleaming metal, morphing into man, we were all awestruck. Plus, it’s Arnie’s only good film. How can you not like it?

3. Point Break : Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, surf, sand, bank robbers, sky-diving and Kathryn Bigelow as director. This film is ace. It’s a perfect watch and Patrick Swayze has never looked better (All of you screaming Dirty Dancing…. I can’t hear you. No. Really.)

4. Romy & Michelle’s High School Re-Union : This film is so daft it’s brilliant. I fell in love with Jeanine Garofolo after watching this move. If you’ve been to school, this is a must watch, because you get to see all your classmates again.

5. There Goes My Baby : This movie takes me away to another place. It veers towards paradise being lost but re-surfaces just in time with a dose of reality. Based in the 60’s, it focuses on a group of friends just graduating from high-school and all the trials & tribulations life has in store for them in that one summer.

6. Meet Joe Black : Brad Pitt as Death? Take me to your cyanide.

7: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape : This is my favourite Leo DiCaprio film. Titanic hadn’t been made in 1993, so no one knew who this kid on the screen was. And he was stellar. Throw in a Johnny Depp & a Juliette Lewis and you’re good for the next 2 hours.

Next week : Real Review Of Current Film.
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