The slickest boys on TV
The slickest boys on TV

Its time to start  start refreshing your memory (I sure have!) on the season 7 of Entourage, ’cause season 8, the final and most anticipated 8 episodes will begin to air on HBO on the 24th of this month. In the season final Johnny Drama is rumored to take on the caricatured Drama-Banana character. Eric and Scott are looking forward to sign Johnny as a new client; he will be playing a version of himself on the coming season 8 episodes.
Entourage Season 8 :coming soon

A quick recap on season 7 if you needed some catching up. The last episode ended with Lloyd uncovering a bag of coke at Vince‘s house and our star MIA. When he’s finally located, he’s busting into the cover shoot for Sasha Grey‘s latest movie, looking significantly worse for wear. He gives her the ultimatum we all knew was coming – stop taking dongs on film or it’s over – and, she chooses porn. Ouch.

How true!

We see the downward spiral that Vince goes through and the (failed) intervention which his friends have for him. Where he accuses all of them (rightly so!) for living off him. Ari Gold is facing hell with his failing marriage. Mrs. Gold’s 40th birthday party in the season featured appearances by John Cleese and Christina Aguilera. Unfortunately, the birthday girl didn’t show, taking the kids to her mother’s house and leaving Ari in the lurch, re-evaluating what he’s done with his life. And, back to Vince, he goes to a party Eminem is throwing, only to strike out with Minka Kelly and get the living daylights beaten out of him by Em and his crew. Drama tries to get him out but we end with Vincent Chase in the hospital, busted by the cops for possesion of a gigantic bag of Coke.

What next? And what about E and gorgeous Sloane? We’ll just have to wait and watch. It’s the 8 final episodes this time and its a wrap.

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