The House up the Ladder: by Anushya Sharma & Monalisa Baruah
Buddah Garden by Anushya Sharma

All you art aficionados behold the newest offering in town this monsoon: A collection of paintings by Anushya Sharma and Monalisa Baruah that explores the idea of reality. The one that defines our physical selves and environment; and the other, more subtle one that exists within each one of us. Where do these realities meet? Does one manifest the other? As memories and dreams intermingle in the hazy smoke screen of your mind, you, the curious eternal searcher shall find, lose and create for all of time. There is a house up the ladder, which will be displaying moments that have come sailing from the shores of the past vigorously claiming life in the present and the abyss beyond.

The quite unorthodox choice of venue for this show – a heritage loft apartment in Mahim, is a reflection of the artists’ intentions. This exhibition has been designed as a multi-sensory experience, involving paintings, music and lighting.

The House up the Ladder: by Anushya Sharma & Monalisa Baruah
Piya by Anushya Sharma

In Anushya’s paintings, one sees oneself; memories of an actual past, sometimes dreams. Some have a more readily identifiable narrative quality to them, whereas others beg and prod each viewer into the corners of their own minds, down their own story path. This narrative quality is perhaps a reflection of her diverse educational and professional background in English literature, theatre acting, and film.

Mona’s paintings appear to be a reflection of her fleeting mind-state at the time of painting. She is quick to paint and sometimes completes a painting in one session lasting only a few hours. It’s almost as though she’s afraid to lose the image that has formed in her mind. Heavy brushstrokes and spontaneous use of colour are the hallmarks that make for a very strong end result. The style is very expressive and emotes a strong underlying passion in the artworks.

The paintings use a subtle play of vivid colours reminiscent of late 19th century post impressionistearly modernist art styles like that of Chagall, Cézanne and Van Gogh. Seeing the artworks from this exhibit has inspired me to open my art books again and brush up on some of my personal favourite styles: Post impressionism with its glorious nuances, Cubism (How fantastic is The Guernica by Picasso?) and of course the rebellious Dada!

If you love art quite as much as i do, this dual artist exhibit is a must attend! Showing at Mahim from the 8th to the 10th of July.

The House up the Ladder: by Anushya Sharma & Monalisa Baruah
Amor Amelie by Monalisa Baruah
The House up the Ladder: by Anushya Sharma & Monalisa Baruah
Dress Me Blue by Monalisa Baruah