MissMalini Exclusive: 10 minutes with Jay Sean! (Plus Win 2 FREE Passes to His Concert at Hard Rock Cafe!)

Malini Agarwal

Psst! Guess which hip hop hottie is back in the hood? Jay Sean! He’s got a new album out called “Hit The Lights” that I recommend you check out (along with all our old favorites) and get Down on his four-city tour with Hard Rock Cafe starting in Mumbai on August 18th. I caught up with him for a quick catch-up courtesy DesiHits.com, here goes… :) xoxo

Jay Sean (Photo by PR Photos)
Jay Sean (Photo by PR Photos)

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MM: Hi Jay Sean! Remember me? :) MissMalini from Radio One, the last time we spoke you were doing gigs in Mumbai, when’s your next tour?

JS: Hiya!  Of course I remember you!  I’m coming in for shows next week! August 18th in Mumbai; 19th in Pune, 20th in Delhi and 21st in Bangalore.

MM: What are you working on now?

JS: Oh my gosh, I’m working on so many different things.  It’s a really exciting time for me!  Obviously, I have an album dropping in India on August 12th which is amazing to me because I’m so excited to give my Indian fans some new material. And I’ve also been busy working on my new mix-tape, The Mistress which is coming out really soon too! It’s going to be my music, for free for all of my fans all over the world!

MM: How do you feel about being dubbed the the desi Justin Timberlake?

JS: Wow, that’s quite a statement! Any time I hear someone say that, I feel honored because Justin Timberlake is definitely an artist that I look up to.

MM: What’s your all-time favorite movie?

JS: I love comedy movies that I can laugh with, stuff like The Hangover. And I also love all the Rocky films because his movies really inspire me to keep fighting no matter what!

MM: All-time favorite Bollywood song?

JS: Probably something from Aashiqui or Saajan

MM: You had Bipasha Basu in a video, who else would you like to work with in Bollywood?

JS: I don’t know. There are so many beautiful and talented ladies in Bollywood so we’ll just have to see how it goes.

MM: Do you have any plans to do Bollywood?

JS: I’m open to the right opportunity. That’s how I look at it. I’m not saying no and I’m not saying yes. It just has to be right and I’d definitely be interested.

MM: Are you single? :)

JS: Ahhaaahhaa! No, I’m not single anymore…

MM: What are you favorite song lyrics?

JS: I don’t really have a fav, but def a fan of classic early 90s Bollywood songs.

MM: What is this India trip about?

JS: It’s about coming home to the people who were with me from the beginning of my career. I haven’t toured India in over three years and it was really important to me for me to come back this year.

Psst! Here’s my fave Jay Sean song ever!

MissMalini and Jay Sean
MissMalini and Jay Sean