Brown is Beautiful
Brown is Beautiful

MissMalini: Brown is Beautiful! You don’t need to change your skin color, just your attitude. Spread the word.. xoxo

You’d think fashion is all we thought about during Lakmé Fashion Week, but we took a little time off to cover a very important message we’re trying to spread. Brown is Beautiful. There are many of us, who’ve embraced the fact that we have brown skin, and love ourselves because of it. I’m not the only one who shares this sentiment, speaking candidly on the topic are some of Page 3 and fashion’s most beloved brownies. Hear what Nisha Jamvwal, Pooja Bedi, Nisha Harale, Bandana Tewari, Surelee Joseph, Rachel Bayros, Shriya Saran, Neeta Lulla, Nishka Lulla and even Siddharth Lulla (Neeta’s son) have to say.

We here at have our own reasons why we think Brown is Beautiful, you might just share our opinions, read what the whole team has to say.

MissMalini Says: Brown is Beautiful. What’s not beautiful is propagating the belief that using fairness creams is the way to go. (Bollywood, I’m talking to you!) I’m all for skin care and healthy habits but I’ve had it up to here with propaganda and TV commercials that offer different shades of “white” that you can/should be #EPICFAIL. Thanks Tanya Pereira for suggesting this to start with. Not Fair Still Lovely.

Tanya Pereira Says: Somewhere right now, there is a young Indian girl hoping her fairness cream will turn her skin a couple of shades lighter so she can feel beautiful. We need to CHANGE that! Let us question and change our perception of color-prejudiced beauty standards defined by the billion dollar fairness cream industry. Let us look in the mirror and learn to love our beautiful skin tones ranging from the milkiest chocolate to the richest mocha. Let us take a stand against color discrimination in our country and encourage each other to love the beautiful brown skin we were born in.

Dhruvi Shah Says: If I were to believe the million fairness cream/face-wash ads I watch on TV everyday, I’d have to settle for looking like a glowing white bulb after using them. The fakeness of it all is so obvious. I don’t want to look like a white bulb. I want to look normal. I love myself the way I am. I’ve made so many friends and had happy times with my loved ones even though my skin isn’t fair. My skin colour hasn’t come in my way and it won’t in the future either. Think about it. You’re beautiful the way you are.

Shamita Kadle Says: I’ve had so many friends visiting from Europe, who say they want to go lie on the beaches of Goa till they get my shade of tan! As a complete paradox, one of the same girls(she’s blonde and white) got approached by a total stranger on the street asking which bleach she uses to get white! Now she’s doing her semester thesis on the Indian preoccupation with being fair. Such incidents annoy and ashame a proud brown girl like me. I’m bronzed and totally proud of it!

Ranjit Rodricks Says: Some of the most lovely ladies I have known are not conventionally fair-skinned or light eyed. In fact, you could call them deliciously dusky with honey or mocha coloured skins. Among these are ex-Model Nina Manuel, actress and choreographer Achla Sachdev and the late Hollywood star Persis Khambatta. They made dusky beautiful and all of them were /are a success in their respective fields. Clearly, they were being fair to their brown skin!

Andrea Brown Says: The grass is always greener on the other side, right? While many women have been spending the past decade bleaching their beautiful brown skin trying to become my natural color of “glow-stick”, I’ve been sunbathing, spraying myself with chemicals and piling on bronzer trying to live up to the bronzed beauties every girl in America looked up to. I hoped each time that the spray on tan might permanently tint my skin a glowing bronze color and each time I woke up with an orange tint on my pillow, I was disappointed. About a year ago, I gave up.I now rock a pale face with pride and try my best not to be jealous of the creamy caramel skin many of my friends were blessed with. My now nonexistent tan stands for many things including my choice to protect my skin against chemical damage and my choice to embrace my natural, untouched color. Your choice, I hope, is to embrace what you have been blessed with. Be you. Love you. It’s the best beauty secret in the world.

Mike Melli Says: Any fan of Jersey Shore will tell you that in the US it’s all about looking dark with a hot tan (daily dose of GTL), but for some reason in India its all about the whitening creams…. I don’t get it at all.  Skin color has no bearing on beauty one way or the other.  Personally I think brown is beautiful, and hot!

Nowshad Rizwanullah Says: Brown is beautiful, bleach is not. Save face, ditch the creams! 🙂

Ridhima Sinha Says: What has really changed is the way brown skin is perceived the world over and I think that’s primarily because we as women has started to take pride in our color. And why shouldn’t we? I think that whatever the color of your skin, if you believe in yourself you can make the whole world want to be like you. So, get out there and show them that we rule! And being fair has nothing to do with it!

Sue Ellen Castellino Says: I’ve never been ashamed of how I look, and whenever someone calls me wheat-ish in the parlour, I look at them as say I’m dark brown. It shouldn’t matter what colour you are, in my family alone we have so many variations from Indian-Italian to African American-Indian, that we all grew up proud no matter what the colour our skin was.

Sharadiya Dasgupta Says: Be confident. Read more. Travel a lot. Sign up for new experiences. Wear clothes that flatter. Smile more often. Think beautiful. Revel in your colour…. if you are brown, revel a little more 🙂