Monday Morning Wish

Sharadiya Dasgupta , 29 Aug 2011

It has been pouring all weekend in Bombay. Some stayed in, cuddled up with steaming coffee in front of their TVs and watched the Anna drama unfold in Delhi. Some braved the rains, downed a couple of shots and hit the dance floor. Some like me (lucky,lucky me) got to watch Gulzar Saab up-close at Prithvi as he recited some of his old and new poems.


I am trying to reproduce a short couplet that he recited (doing so from memory so pardon the inaccuracies):

“Aaj tumko flight mein dekha
Laga ki tum phir se akeli ho
Phir bad mein lost & found counter ke taraf jaate dekha
Tumhari kuch na kuch khone ki aadat ab tak nahi gayi”

Saw you on the flight today
Looked like you are again alone
Later saw you going towards the lost & found counter
Even after all this time you haven’t lost your knack of losing things.

(*Apologies for what’s “lost in translation!”)

As we stare down another week I will leave you guys with some Calvin and Hobbes wisdom (the below strip is one of my personal favourites and every time I am in doubt I try to remember this) :)

Have a fun week ! Make some ” better memories” :)

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