Expat Unplugged: Five Things Friday - What Women Want

Andrea , 04 Sep 2011


What better to talk about right after the hysterical blog on “Who Not to Date in Bollywood” than what women want from a man? We all have a wish list and I am sure most have a deal breaker list as well. I’m sure most of you are probably picturing an uber babe in your head, but let’s be real for a moment. Is a stud what we are really looking for or better off as eye candy? In my book, being attracted is key, but looks aren’t everything. Here’s a look into my list …. let’s compare!

What Women Want

What Women Want
What Women Want

Five Characteristics on my Wish List

1. Respect – Grab your hairbrush microphone and feel free to break out your best Aretha Franklin impression. The song says it best.
2. Sense of Humor – This is probably more of a necessity than a wish as it will be a survival skill in order to put up with my everyday ridiculousness. I am a complete doofus and very clumsy to boot! They are fantastic qualities once you learn to laugh off the tripping, verbal slips and well the list could go on.
3. Attractive Everyone is different and usually there is at least something about them that is attractive. Smile, eyes, energy, if there isn’t then it’s time to take a hike baby.
4. Motivated – A jobless, couch potato isn’t my cup of team. I surely expect you to put your reservoir of unused energy into finding a job, winning the lotto or at minimum spending the day working on your hot body and cooking skills. The couch is not going to help grow your success, only your waistline.
5. Reliability – If he says he will call, it’s nice to know that this is true. If a 7pm date is continually turning into a 10pm one, chances are the same will always continue. Do you really want to be the wife nagging the husband because he never can be counted on?

    Five Deal Breakers

    1. Talking down to others If I start typing, the keyboard may explode. I loathe this.
    2. Tobacco chewing – It’s just plain filthy!
    3. Cannot work even a microwave – Just plain ole laziness is not cute.
    4. Chewing with their mouth open and talking with their mouth full – Yuck!
    5. Cries more often than I do – This is probably next to impossible since I may suffer from a bit of leaky eye syndrome a little too often, but a little sensitivity in a man goes a long way… and a long way is enough for me.

      Your turn! xo

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