Mad O Wot Relocation with Katrina Kaif!

Rashmi Daryanani
Sapna Bhavnani & Katrina Kaif

Sapna Bhavnani: “I am absolutely thrilled with my new space, it’s large, airy and actually has a great view!”

Sapna Bhavnani relocated her salon – Mad O Wot – to 33 Ambedkar Road in Bandra today and we were there to bring you the scoop! Cutting the ribbon was Katrina Kaif who looked as lovely as ever, and can I just say how crazy it was? It’s the kind of crazy that only Katrina Kaif can guarantee. The reporters kept shouting “Roll, roll, roll!” every two seconds thinking that she had arrived, only to be told she wasn’t there yet, lol. When she did finally get there it was absolutely mad, and I’m actually surprised I got out of there in one piece! But yes, I did get out of there and I got the deets with me! :)

Sapna Bhavnani & Katrina Kaif

I love the plait-rope, think it’s super-cute and obviously very fitting for a salon.

Sapna Bhavnani & Katrina Kaif

I adore their tees and I love how simple Katrina looks; very minimal but still so cute! :)

Katrina Kaif & Sapna Bhavnani
Sapna Bhavnani

In true Sapna Bhavnani fashion, the interiors had an experimental feel to it. Loved the artwork on the wall which was done by Shivin Grover, awesome stuff! And there were little trinkets all around that gave it a fun vibe :)

Artwork by Shivin Grover
Mad O Wot Interiors

A fun launch overall! It was my first time meeting Sapna and I thought she was adorable, so full of enthusiasm and really sweet. You could tell that she loves doing what she’s doing and that’s always nice to see. So here’s to wishing the entire Mad O Wot team lots of success. :)

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