Ra.One Music Leaked! Upset SRK Tweets to Fans

Dhruvi Shah

Here I was, all excited for the super music launch of Ra.One scheduled for Monday. I had the day’s activity planned and imagined several times in my head. Little did I know the Internet junkies were up to mischief. They had to spoil the surprise. They couldn’t have waited until Monday and leaked the music on the Internet.

Of course, Shah Rukh Khan found out and was very upset. In fact, I figured something was wrong only on reading his tweet. Now, the ‘g.ones’ or the ‘good ones’ the world over are showing their support for their favourite superstar.


Most of them have sworn not to listen to the pirated music and are asking for fans/followers to show their support by ‘RT’ing on Twitter or ‘Liking’ on Facebook. Team MissMalini is going to wait until Monday to listen to the original music. Are you? Besides, it’s unfortunate for this to happen to SRK for the second time. Remember the first time, when Chammak Chhalo was leaked?

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