Bollywood Fans: Who Are the Craziest?

Miss R. , 28 Sep 2011
AshArmy, You Know I'm Worth it! photo courtesy:
AshArmy,You Know I'm Worth It! (photo courtesy|

Hi MissMalini Peeps, The recent Russell Peters debacle reminded me when I was writing my second post, on Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachan at the Oscars.  I thought her dress was OK, nothing jaw-dropping, but she still looked gorgeous. However, I was also afraid of the wrath of her fans.

In Hollywood, the most… devoted, or rather passionate, fans are those of the Twilight franchise. Twihards (or Twi-Lunatics as I call them) are fervently possessive of the three main characters in the series,  even of the actors who play them off-screen.

But which fans of Bollywood celebs are the most intense, here are my selections:


Kareena Kapoor (photo courtesy |
Kareena Kapoor: Bebobots, for I am your Queen! (photo courtesy |

We at MissMalini barely survived the wrath the BeboBots after I wrote a piece on Kareena Kapoor. In all fairness, we highlight both positive and negative sides of Bebo, and do not have any sort of agenda! BeboBots have stood by when she delivered flops, had a MMS kissing scandal with Shahid Kapoor, started dating Saif Ali Khan and now when she is at the top of her game. BeboBots are a loyal bunch.


Admiral of the AshArmy! (photo courtesy
Aishwarya Rai: AshArmy Unite! (photo courtesy|

Aishwarya Rai fans are very proud of her, as exemplified by the Russell Peters fiasco. I think Russell Peters knew what he was getting into when he made those comments, and knew mentioning her name would get major press. AshArmy members are quick to point out her numerous awards, her dancing skills, her multiple languages, but tend to gloss over other things (Albela, anyone?).


SRK-Mates, Thumbs Up if You'll See Ra.One! |Photo courtesy:news india
Shah Rukh Khan: Thumbs Up, if you see Ra.One! (photo courtesy | news india)

Shah Rukh Khan is Bollywood’s Baadshah, and owes it to the fans, especially the NRI ones who love seeing him dance in the Alps. He’s been in some of the most lucrative films ever. But where were all these fans whe the adorable Billu Barber came out!

MissMalini Readers, is there a fan group I left out, any suggestions?

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