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"Come, fall in love..."
“Come, fall in love…”

The other night, MissMalini e-mailed me with the suggestion of doing a picture recap of classic and new Bollywood films. I loved the idea, since it gave me a chance to re-visit some of my favourite movies and pick out important bits from it, as well as my favourite scenes! And what better movie to pick for my first recap than DDLJ, the film that taught me to love films? So, I bring to you my first Two Minute Movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

So let’s meet our characters…

Raj Malhotra
Raj Malhotra
Simran Singh
Simran Singh

In a cruel twist of fate, Simran goes from dancing around in towels in one scene to figuring out her marriage is already fixed with Kuljeet back in Punjab in the next scene. She agrees to marry him, but asks her father to let her go on a Euro trip as a last chance to see the world.

Simran and Baldev
Simran and Baldev

Which is where she meets Raj, with whom she doesn’t quite get along…

Simran and Raj don't get along
Simran and Raj don’t get along

But, of course, as it goes with all classic love stories, the two form a hesitant friendship (with a little help from alcohol, obviously).

Friendship blossoms...
Friendship blossoms…

By this time, however, their Euro trip comes to an end. They part at the train station realizing that maybe, just maybe, they had fallen in love…

"Ho gaya hai tujko toh pyar sajna..." (photo courtesy | cora-crawley.tumblr.com)
“Ho gaya hai tujko toh pyar sajna…” (photo courtesy | cora-crawley.tumblr.com)

Unfortunately for Simran, her father overhears her spilling the beans about Raj to her mother. In a fit of fury, he insists they pack and move back to Punjab now, where she will go ahead with the plan of marrying Kuljeet. Meanwhile, Raj has a conversation with his (obviously more understanding) dad, after which he decides to go find Simran. His hunt leads him to Punjab, where he eventually finds her.

"Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam..."
“Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam…”

Now that they’re reunited, they need a plan of action. It goes something like this: a) get rid of Kuljeet; b) convince Baldev to let Simran marry Raj; c) live happily ever after.

So the scheming begins:

"All is fair in love and war... and this is a bit of both."
“All is fair in love and war… and this is a bit of both.”

It’s not long, however, until Baldev chances upon a photo of Raj and Simran taken at the Euro trip. He puts two and two together, and all hell breaks loose. Of course, in order to be the classic love story that it is, the final showdown has to move to a train station…


Raj, deciding that he won’t marry Simran against her father’s wishes, boards the train and is ready to leave. Simran rushes after him, only to be held back (quite literally) by Baldev. The train inches away, and Simran pleads, pleads and pleads some more… until Baldev lets go of her hand, and allows her to go. She runs after the train…

And we all cried. (Don't even try to deny it.)
And we all cried. (Don’t even try to deny it.)

Not to mention, Shah Rukh Khan‘s career took off like that freight train after this movie… 🙂

All pictures courtesy superwoman-c.livejournal.com.

Let me know what you thought of the first edition of Two Minute Movies. And leave a comment with what movie you think we should do next! 🙂