Paris Hilton and Kangna Ranaut
Paris Hilton and Kangna Ranaut

“Paris Hilton Fashions officially denies approaching  Kangna, who claims that she is all set to be the face of the fashion  line. Paris is a global mega-star and doesn’t need anyone to be the face  of her fashion line, anywhere in the world.”

Oh snap! Paris Hilton has b*tch-slapped Kangna Ranaut’s claim that she’d been chosen as the Indian “brand ambassador” for her accessories line. This probably explains the PR note I got this morning 🙂 check out how many times it says “Kangna is” and don’t you love how somehow PR notes end up giving you more gossip than they sometimes dispel? Totally didn’t know Paris and Adhyayan Suman were buddies! Ooooh. xoxo

The PR Note:

Carving Dreams
Carving Dreams

This email is being sent to address speculative rumours that have been appearing in the media stating that Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut was falsely claiming to have been approached by an international fashion brand.

Kangna is one of India’s leading actresses, very respected and well recognized  in this space, with over 30 awards including the prestigious National  Award to her credit in a short span of 5 years.

Kangna is regularly approached by fashion majors to represent or endorse them  and she is clearly recognized as one of the biggest and most followed  fashion icon in the country.

Kangna is regularly approached for fashion endorsements, and leaves the coordination of this to the agencies that represent her.

Kangna is  represented for her endorsements by Carving Dreams, a company that is a  leader in this business. The agency, as gone on record here (email  attached) to state that they did infact receive this query.

It did not go  forward for various reasons including the actresses’ own ambition of  starting a fashion line of her own in future.

Some reports and a media release being circulated by a Miss Pragya, also state that Kangna has briefly interacted with Paris Hilton through her ex-boyfriend  Adhyayan Suman, and this interaction forms the genesis of this news. This is completely false.

The query for representation came to Carving Dreams long after the cessation of Kangna‘s relationship with Adhyayan.

Neither Kangna nor any of her agents have ever met Paris Hilton. Kangna has also NEVER commented in the media on this issue herself.

As this sort of reporting is very damaging to her reputation, Kangna is taking legal action against the publications that have carried this news without verification.

As you have always been supportive of her in the past, I request you to not feature this news in an irresponsible manner.