Extraordinary 'The X-Factor' (U.S) Auditions!

Serena Vora , 01 Oct 2011
The X-Factor USA
The X-Factor USA

The X-Factor U.S has already discovered so much talent it’s going to be exciting to see who makes it till the end. Though the show hasn’t seen ratings like American Idol, I’m sure it’ll pick and it’s really nice to see Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul back as judges. Take a look at some of the best auditions from the show.

Stacy Francis

It’s always heartwarming to see a person face their fear and try to make their dream come true, Stacy’s audition will surely bring tears to your eyes.

Brian Bradley

14-year old Brian Bradley is much more mature than a kid his age and he must be the only person who has ever tried to mess with Simon while auditioning.

Rachel Crow

This 13-year old girl reminds me of Rachel from Glee, just cuter. She’s sassy, confident, knows she wants to be a singer and is extremely talented.

Josh Krajcik

Josh doesn’t look like the type of person who would sing At Last by Etta James but he did and he killed it.

Drew Ryniewicz

This 14-year old girl who is a complete Belieber and manages to win the judges over with her version of Justin Bieber’s Baby.

Melanie Amaro

There is no way Melanie Amaro won’t be getting  a record deal after auditioning for this show.

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