Viral Videos: Awesome Musical Covers!

Serena Vora , 12 Oct 2011
Emily Luther & Charlie Puth
Emily Luther & Charlie Puth

Thanks to inspiration from shows like American Idol & Glee there are hundreds of aspiring artists who upload musical cover versions on a daily basis. You can literally spend hours watching amazing versions of your favorite songs! Here are some of the best versions I’ve come across recently.

Charlie Puth & Emily LutherSomeone Like You (Originally sung by Adele)

Creating a cover version for this song is already a task and then turning it into a duet makes it even more complex. This singing duo has taken up the challenge and done an impeccable job.

Boyce Avenue & Tiffany AlvordShe Will Be Loved (Originally sung by Maroon 5)

This is one of my favorite songs of all time so I was a little skeptical watching this version, but it’s been done so beautiful you can’t help but fall in love with it.

Cris CabPumped Up Kicks (Originally sung by Foster The People)

Cris Cab adds a bit of reggae to this amazing version of Pumped Up Kicks, you’ll feel like listening to it on repeat.

Mark MartelSomebody To Love (Originally sung by Queen)

He looks like Freddie Mercury and he sounds like Freddie Mercury. How has he not been discovered yet?

Sophia Grace BrownleeSuper Bass (Originally sung by Nicki Minaj)

This little princess goes from ghetto superstar to diva in a second, too adorable for words.

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