Artic Maxim’s HOT 100 List. Verdict: Priyanka Chopra as the Hottest!

Sue Castellino
Photo Credit : Priyanka Chopra

“It’s a pleasure to be associated with Maxim and an honor to be ranked as the hottest amongst “Artic HOT 100”. Maxim has repeatedly recognized the potential of talent in the country and projected them in the big league giving artists like us a platform to stand out, thereby making it one of the credible lists globally on Hotness and star value, and it is a pleasure to get that recognition.”

We all know Priyanka Chopra is mighty fine, she’s got one of the hottest bodies in the business and let’s face it she’s the whole package. That’s why it’s no surprise that she’s People’s most fashionable and now No.1 on the hot list, all in one week (or is it month?) Aside from a slightly high-pitched emcee (what was that about?) the party was super fun and MissMalini and her crew danced up a storm till closing time!
P.S. Props to Smash the Salon for excellent hair on all the models (which I believe they pulled of in a dark green room!) xoxo

Photo Credit : Shama Sikandar
Photo Credit : Nisha Hirale and Adam Bedi
Photo Credit : Shushil Charles
Photo Credit : Rocky S. with Models
Photo Credit : designer Riyaz Ganji
Photo Credit : Rohit Varma and Mukesh Rishi
Photo Credit : Akashdeep Saigal
Photo Credit : Maxim top 100
Photo Credit : Kartik Jobanputra, APEX Entertainment with a model
Photo Credit : Dipti Gujral
Photo Credit : Dreckitude
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