Bollywood's Craziest Fans, Part 2!

Miss R. , 16 Oct 2011
Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan
Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan

Hi MissMalini Peeps!

As promised, I am continuing on my previous post with two extra entries.

The SalluSquad

Salman Khan's waiting for the next opportunity to take off his shirt
Salman Khan's favourite question!

Now, Salman Khan fans do deserve an entry as they love, truly love, their Sallu-bhai. Salman Khan is the bad boy of Bollywood, with legal drama (hit and run incident, hunting endangered species), very notable relationships, and muscles (not to mention a belly ring, which I personally dislike). However, he is so loved, by not only his fans, but the filmi industry as well.

He has been on fire at the Box Office recently, with hits like Dabangg, Wanted, Bodyguard and Ready. He has really found his niche, and the fans adore him in these roles.  But where was the SalluSquad for his other films? Why did not they support their beloved Salman Khan in Jaan E Mann, Main Aurr Mrs Khanna (Bebobots, you too did not support your beloved Bebo‘s film) or most importantly, his home production Veer?


Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif, a Magazine Cover Main Stay

Now the Kataholics should be admired, they are the ONLY reason Katrina Kaif is successful today (besides Salman Khan of course).  They go to her movies (improving her box office resume), buy magazines with her face on it, and support all the products she advertises for.  I don’t think any other fans have been able to have build a star’s career, the way Katrina Kaif‘s have.  While she may not have any Filmfare Awards, or tackle difficult roles (like Karishma Kapoor in her hey-day), it does not matter, Katrina Kaif has brand power.

Her fan-base is the reason every film studio is clamouring over her these days, including Yash Raj Films. Box Office results are so important now in Bollywood. I am sure that every new actress out there today, be it Anushka Sharma or Sonakshi Sinha, wish they had a fan-base like Katrina Kaif.

So MissMalini Fans, do you agree with the above two entries?

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