MissMalini Fashion Police: Lady Gaga in Tarun Tahiliani

Sue Castellino

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Oh you may have heard Lady Gaga was in India recently (can you sense the dry wit?) She performed at Lap for the F1 After Party where she wore Tarun Tahiliani. This rendition of Tarun’s concept sari looks a bit odd on Lady Gaga. I’m not feeling the overlap skirt that doesn’t quit cover enough, it’s that awkward length that’s not too long or too short. Yet, it’s Gaga, so do we forgive and just say it’s her unique style?

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Tarun himself was ecstatic that she wore his sari for her performance saying, “There was no greater surprise than to have the curtains go up and to see Lady Gaga give the most captivating performance I have ever seen, wearing Tarun Tahiliani. It was especially flattering that she mentioned toward the end of the concert that she could not wear the clothes she had originally brought with her after she saw Tahiliani. We are very flattered and honored that Lady Gaga chose to wear our design for her concert.”