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Joan Rivers with a Seeing-Eye Dog and it's owner (in dark glasses)

Joan Rivers with a Seeing-Eye Dog and it’s owner (in dark glasses)

“Great night in San Francisco! Visited backstage by friends from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Here’s Splash with her owner,” wrote Joan.*

Comedian Joan Rivers may be the Chief Inspector on E!’s Fashion Police but the recent picture she shared on Twitter had her wearing something that was a total fashion faux-pas.

However, when I clicked on the link, the first thing I saw was a mass of fur around Joan’s neck. And for a moment, I actually thought she had the Seeing-Eye Dog draped around her.

Closer inspection of the photo will have you notice Splash, the cute doggie, looking out sheepishly from behind her owner.

Dear Joan, when you tweet about dogs next time, please don’t wear something that looks like Lassie, around your person.

* Tweet edited for clarity!