Exclusive: Behind the Scenes Looks From the Swanky FREECULTR Fashion Shoot With Top Models Surelee Joseph, Tony Luke, Romi Kshal, Ashika Pratt and Maria Chevych

Ranjit Rodricks , 22 Nov 2011
Model Surelee Joseph lounges in Freecultr fashions
Model Surelee Joseph lounges in FREECULTR fashions
Fancy footwear by Freecultr
Fancy footwear by FREECULTR

MissMalini Says: “ FREECULTR to me represents Modern India. The one I eat, sleep, live & breath. It’s kitschy, hectic; vibrant and fantastic – in ALL it’s glorious chaos!”

With so many labels being launched in the Indian market every day, you may have noticed that very few of them are actually top of the line and stand out from the crowd… But with the launch of FREECULTR, all that is about to change!

Psst! MissMalini’s favorite part of the FreeCultr shoot was caught on tape, wanna see? :)


FREECULTR was born from the idea to allow their customer to have freedom of choice and the desire to create a lifestyle brand that is inspired by (and for) all people and cultures.  This new, premium lifestyle brand fills a very distinct gap in the apparel and lifestyle market. The brand is simple, uncluttered, and delivers an amazing quality product 24/7, every day of the year.

Models pose in Free Cultr ensembles
Models pose in FREECULTR ensembles

The best part is that FREECULTR caters to both, men and women and their clothes are vibrantly colourful and east to wear. And if that’s not enough, they have a free shipping and return policy with an option for cash-on-deliver and seven-day customer support.


From polos, t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, jeggings, shoes, and more FREECULTR is among the most awaited new brands to hit the market. The look and feel of this brand is truly international. From NY to London to Mumbai, FREECULTR delivers to all sensibilities. The fact that you can buy from them directly online ensures that you don’t have to stand in queues for trials in the dressing room and most importantly, the prices are not marked up for middle-men, saving you wads of cash in the bargain!

Behind the scenes at the Freecultr shoot
Behind the scenes at the FREECULTR hoot

FREECULTR will be exclusively available on www.freecultr.com in the near future. However, till they start operations, here are a few pix they shared with MissMalini, EXCLUSIVELY, from their first photoshoot with models Surelee Joseph, Romey Kshal, Aashika Pratt and Tony Luke. Aren’t the pictures superfun? In fact, MissMalini is the first to show you exclusive, behind the scenes footage of the making of this new brand! Enjoy :)

Sujal Shah - the man behind Freecultr
Sujal Shah – CEO & Co-Founder, FREECULTR

Former VP and Country Head of Fashion for IMG, Sujal Shah, is the CEO and Co-Founder of this new brand and also a dear personal friend of MissMalini’s. With him behind the brand, you know that FREECULTR is going to be a stellar brand and will be huge!

We highly recommend you to “Like” Freecultr on Facebook to stay updated on their products and their launch. We at MissMalini, love them already.


It’s time to live life the FREECULTR way!

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