Have You Heard 'Kolaveri Di' Yet?

Rashmi Daryanani , 22 Nov 2011

Sometimes songs just go completely viral, and Why This Kolaveri Di? is a perfect example of this. The song actually leaked online and then created such a rage that it has been trending on Twitter all day! As for me, I just can’t get this thing out of my head – not only is the music super catchy, but the lyrics are both hilarious and brilliant:

“White skin girl girl, girl heart black.” It’s one of those songs you just want to belt out even if you can’t sing to save your life (like me). BTW, want to hear something funny? I was listening to this song all night while working on assignment, and past 2am I got so brain-dead that I actually started singing “Why this cola berry, cola berry ji?” without realizing it. *facepalm*

Psst! The title actually means “Why this killer rage, girl?” and is sung and written by Tamil actor/singer Dhanush, who is Rajnikanth‘s son-in-law – guess the brilliance runs in the family!