Where Were You Today, Three Years Ago When Mumbai Was Held Hostage?

Where Were You Today, Three Years Ago When Mumbai Was Held Hostage?

Ranjit Rodricks
The Taj Mahal Hotel under attack in 2008
The Taj Mahal Hotel under attack in 2008

So where were you, on this day, three years ago, when the news of Mumbai’s worst terror attacks, broke? MissMalini spent a frightening night next door to the Trident as she documented in her blog the next day

For me, it was the day after my best-friend’s birthday and since I didn’t meet him on the 25th November itself, we had planned to meet for dinner in Bandra on the 26th November night.

I remember it was late evening and we did meet in Bandra when we suddenly decided to head to Versova to another friend’s restaurant for dinner.

As we headed from Bandra to Versova, we were stopped at least three times enroute by police blockades and were made to get off as they searched the car. At that time, we had no clue of what had happened in far away Colaba. And the police would not tell us either. So instead of being scared, we were actually irritated with them.

It was only when we reached our friend’s restaurant did we see the news on the television.

By then, our parents had called and ordered us back home. But since my friend lived in Chembur, in the Eastern Suburbs of Bombay, he was advised to stay over at my place till the situation eased off.

The whole night we sat glued to the television with the same horrid images being repeated in a loop over and over again. We were all numb with shock and disbelief.

Till date, we thank our stars that we were safe that night. But each time we go to a public place (like a hotel, mall, cinema), there is a vague sense of uneasiness and fear in the back of our minds.

And I’m sure the rest of India feels the same as well.

Today, on the third anniversary of that horrible attack on our Nation, we at MissMalini share a few moments with the rest of India and pray silently for those innocent people who lost their lives. We especially pray for the police and soldiers – the martyrs – who fought so valiantly to kill the terrorists.

And we pray that India will soon get justice!