Designer Babita Malkani Celebrates Her Birthday With Fashionable Friends

Ranjit Rodricks
Achla Sachdev with Babita Malkani

Designer Babita Malkani is known as “Bubbly Malkani” among her friends and last night, it was pretty obvious why they’ve christened her with that moniker. The designer (dressed in a black dress by Bebe), had a number of her close friends over at her sprawling bungalow for an evening of fun and revelry as she celebrated her birthday.

Ayub and Niharika Khan
Niharika Khan shows off her butterfly ring

Actor Ayub Khan came in with a few friends and his stylist/jewelry designer wife, Niharika. Niharika was dressed as eclectic as always and sported a Gaurav Gupta top, accessorized with a fabulous butterfly ring in silver which she picked up from a flea market in London.

Model and actor, Ameet Gaur
Actor Chandan Roy Sanyal

The best part about the evening was the decor (lots of candles and coloured lamps, strategically placed all over the garden) and the music. Babita had the DJ play some amazing retro from the 80’s and then, as the party picked up, they began to play all the new viral Bollywood tracks like Chhamak Chhalo, My Name Is Sheela, Munni Badnaam Hui and Kolaveri Di.

Spotted dancing with abandon and having a blast were Achla Sachdev, Ameet Gaur, Chandan Roy Sanyal and director Abhishek ‘Gattu’ Kapoor.

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