Overheard: Actress Amrita Arora Has to Spell Out Her Surname at D7 Boutique's Designer Preview in Mumbai

Ranjit Rodricks , 17 Dec 2011
Amrita Arora
Amrita Arora

Actress Amrita Arora was all peaches-and-cream as she attended a designer preview at D7 boutique in Bombay, as the muse of Delhi-based designer Ranna Gill. Wearing a long, blue gown with a jeweled neckline from Ranna’s winter-festive collection, Amrita looked elegant and divine.

At one point during the evening, a guest at the event got into a hilarious conversation with her. It went something like this:

Guest: What’s your surname now, after marriage?

Amrita: Ladak

Guest: Oh! How do you spell that?

Amrita: L-A-D-A-K.

Guest: Oh! Just like that place in the mountains!

Amrita: No, that’s Ladakh. My surname has no “H” at the end.

Guest & Amrita: *Giggle Giggle Giggle*

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