This Christmas Clean Up with Soap Opera Soaps!

Ranjit Rodricks , 23 Dec 2011

MissMalini Says: Thanks to Marry Me – The Wedding Planners, I have been discovering all sorts of cool things to put in my wedding hampers :) for one their awesome flip flop soaps make a perfect addition to a beach wedding and I love that they have a Christmas series too! xoxo

Christmas soaps in the form of Santa, an angel and a snowman
Christmas soaps in the form of Santa, an angel and a snowman

Soap Opera is a venture from the family of promoters of Marico and Kaya Skin Care. At Soap Opera, the soaps are hand-crafted and made from pure glycerin which makes the skin supple and smooth.

All the fragrances for the soaps are exclusive and are sourced from Grasse, France. What’s more, the soap comes in distinctive shapes with vibrant and bright colors. There is no presence of any of kind of toxic ingredients and hence, the soaps are absolutely child safe.

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The Christmas soap hamper by Soap Opera
The Christmas soap hamper by Soap Opera

Why Soap Opera:

Handcrafted Soaps: A wide range of soaps in unique designs crafted especially to suit your taste.

Pure Glycerin Soaps: Glycerin pumps up your skin with moisturizer making it supple and smooth

No Toxic Ingredients Present: Ordinary soaps include lather, pigments or dyes which make your skin dry. Thus their absence results into skin being supple and smooth.

Vibrant And Bright Colors: Why should bathing be boring? Plunge into our colorful range of soaps to give your mornings a kick start.

Exclusive Fragrances From France: A range of soaps with fragrances that suit your persona and attitude.

Designer soaps from Soap Opera
Designer soaps from Soap Opera

Product Range:


Soaps For Kids: Let your kids have a fun and frolic morning with fruity fragrances like Melon, Mango and Cola

Soaps For Men: All male, seductive fragrances with a whiff of the ocean, dash of cool breeze and a hit of sparkling waters.

Soaps for Women: Step into your bath and let the floral notes gently coax your senses. It is invigorating, you’ll want to splash in the water, all day

Unisex Soaps: Your mornings will never be the same again. Unwrap and take in these unforgettable spritzy, earthy and zingy fragrances that gets you going.

Spice soaps from Soap Opera
Spice soaps from Soap Opera


Spice up your bathroom with these amazing smelling soaps which not only have essential oils of spices but also contain a dash of actual spice pieces.

Clove: Aromatic glycerin bar infused with clove and clove oil which soothes with its healing and antiseptic properties.

Peppermint: Enriched glycerin bar which detoxifies and rejuvenates, aided by essential oil of pepper.

Spearmint: Get set go with the cool and fresh spearmint oil infused bar that relaxes, soothes and invigorates naturally.

Ginger: Mild cleansing bar swirled with ginger that improves skin tone, lightens age spots and detoxifies the skin.

A heart-shaped soap by Soap Opera
A heart-shaped soap by Soap Opera


Chocolate: Enjoy the yummy fragrance of chocolate in your bath!

Strawberry: Shower with strawberry – makes you want to enjoy your bath!

Bubblegum: Don’t need to chew your gum now, you can smell it in your bath!

Cola: Don’t just sip your cola now, smell it in your bath!

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