The Domestically Challenged Desi Bride, MissMalini's Top 5 Bollywood Beats (Currently on Repeat!)

MissMalini , 09 Jan 2012
Kareena Kapoor in Chammak Challo
Chammak Challo

Hello! As you know I’m just about done getting married with the final beach wedding festivities in Goa come Feb. So I need your help please :) Basically I’m looking for the ultimate Bollywood playlist… Songs everyone loves and of course suggestions for songs to walk out to (for my pheras, I’m thinking instrumental Bollywood here), songs to dance to (sangeet practices are starting soon!) and songs people will bounce around to! Post your suggestions in the comments below, pretty please? xoxo

I’ve also been flipping channels trying to compile the ultimate Bollywood playlist for my wedding and came across a few I’m currently loving :) what do you think? Like I said pretty please leave a comment here with the songs you think I should deffy add to my playlist!

Subah Hone Na De – Desi Boyz

John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone and OMG how hot are you looking Miss Bruna Abdullah?

Aunty Ji – Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

This one will be fun to get all those aunty ji’s on the dance floor, don’t you think?! Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor have great energy together don’t they?

Chammak Challo – Ra.One

Clearly the song of the year, this always elicits a *whoop* or two :)

Laung da Lashkara – Patiala House

I really love this song btw and am majorly considering dancing to this with my boy, what do you think? :)

Jhak Mar Ke – Desi Boyz

Well done Desi Boyz! Two of your songs made it to my list :) absolutely bopp-able.

PS. And this is why you have to love Bollywood. Very often a special song will becomes yours for life once it’s attached to something as special as your wedding day!

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