“Money Grows on Trees: Recycle Paper”

Priyanka Kurien , 13 Jan 2012

Get eco-friendly with stuff from the Eco Corner, Mumbai
Get eco-friendly with stuff from the Eco Corner, Mumbai (photo credit | robinage.com)

How much sense does that title make? If you weren’t one of those eco-friendly, let’s-save-the-world people before, I’m sure you’re thinking about it now huh?

And why is the title of this blog in quotation marks? Because it’s the sign-off from Urvashi Mody, one of the partners of Eco Corner in Mumbai and it got your attention didn’t it? I admit, before I Googled the store, I had no idea that I have already been there. And I loved it. Located on the 3rd floor in Palladium, High Street Phoenix, the store is very easily missable, but once you’ve been there, you keep going back. Home accessories (including animal planters, which can double up as candle- stands – adorable!), stationery, candles and body products are among the things available, to name a few. Their newest offering? A 2012 planner made from the A4 paper that YOU threw out. Yes, those pointless printouts that somehow manage to find their way to your desk every, single day have now been recycled into this cute planner:

2012 Planner from Eco Corner
2012 Planner from Eco Corner

Specs are as follows:

Size: 12cm x 17cm, 14pages.

Two options are available: Cycle & Yogasana.

Both are white  & available at Rs. 370 each.

So this year, we at Team MissMalini pledge to save the earth in our own little way. Will you be joining us?

For more details check out their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ecocornerindia

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