The Artist: Woofing All The Way To The Oscars... !

Zina Tasreen , 16 Jan 2012
The Artist

Have you had the chance to catch The Artist yet? Yep, the one that is hotly tipped to clean off the Oscars and the rest (Critics Choice and Golden Globes already, to start off :-D) this year, that got people vehemently campaigning to the awards boards to consider animal actors too for an award (or two!)… NO??!!? Without further ado, friends, without further ado ‒ and be charmed inside out. But what IS so special about it?

The Artist

It’s a… black-and-white silent film from France about the end of silent films in 1920s Hollywood! Please don’t let either of these eccentricities put you off ‒ this is one joyously entertaining film. Rather one of the most touching, feel-good celebrations of love: love between the sexes, love between man and dog (<3), and love of cinema (if you’re a movie buff, you’ll know what I mean when you watch it). Written and directed by Michel Hazanavicious, it is witty, sophisticated and brimmingly inventive. A film concept as audacious as this needed to be exquisitely enacted, which the main leads, Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo, undoubtedly do, but, incredulously, they fall short next to…

Uggie at the red carpet! Just look at his bow-tie, just look… <3

Uggie the dog’s performance! Y-es. It needs to be seen to be believed how he steals every scene not nailed to the floor.

Uggie at the BBC studios during his promotional tour

And just like the star of any film before the release, he too promoted The Artist on a week-long tour (accompanied by his trainer, Omar von Muller, of course). Catch him (and perhaps Gerard Butler, too ‒ you’re welcome) at The Graham Norton Show in the clip above (around 2:08 minute mark for the cuteness explosion). And oh, did you catch him strutting his stuff at the Golden Globes? I. Died.

I’ve already watched it thrice, and can easily watch it many more times (and then some for Uggie!). The Oscar buzz can predispose you to appreciate a film which you might not have otherwise, but this one will have you heartily clapping as the end credits roll in. I wouldn’t spoil it for you by discussing the plotline here… Just do it… NOW.

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