Bollywood Actresses from Abroad: Novel Trend or Paradigm Shift?

Miss R. , 23 Jan 2012
Amy Jackson

Hi MissMalini Peeps,

I’ve been seeing a lot of Amy Jackson in the media recently. She actually reminds me of Lisa Ray mixed with Miranda Kerr.  When I initially read she would be in Ek Deewana Tha and would replace Trisha, I also thought she would be playing a British girl who lives in India. After seeing a tanned Amy in the film’s trailers with brown contact lenses and reading articles about the movie, I figured that wasn’t the case.

I have mixed emotions about the “brown-facing” of  Amy Jackson and Giselle Monterio in Bollywood films. I mean, are there no other actresses left in Bollywood? I have nothing against Amy Jackson and Giselle Monterio, who I thought were very good in Madrasapattinam and Love Aaj Kaal, respectively. It’s the casting agents and directors who are the ones behind this.

Giselle Monteiro

Additionally, Amy Jackson and Giselle Monterio (in addition to Katrina Kaif and Nargis Fahri) were models before their Bollywood entries. They’re also very fair-skinned.  Doesn’t this only fuel the fairness issue?

What do you think MissMalini readers? I really think this is an interesting discussion point.

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