The Domestically Challenged Desi Bride - MissMalini's Beach Wedding Survival Kit Part 1

Sue Castellino , 24 Jan 2012
MissMalini Survival kit Item no. 1
MissMalini's survival kit: Item #1

It’s not easy running a blog, going to events, planning a destination wedding AND looking amazing all the time, but MissMalini manages to pull it off. Howyou ask? Well we’re spilling the beans. MissMalini put together a special survival kit for herself, as well as for all the guests who will be attending her wedding. The kit has products that’ll help keep you refreshed all day (and night) and we’re gonna reveal some of these products over the next few days, so stay tuned. Can you guess what’ll be up next?

Lakme Sun Expert
Lakme Sun Expert

When we think about the beach, we think sun – and unfortunately being sunburnt. That’s why one of the products in MissMalini’s wedding survival kit is the very handy Lakmé Sun Expert. This sun screen is SPF 50, so it really protects your skin no matter how long you dance in the sun in your lehenga. Plus it has a cooling cucumber and lemongrass extract that keeps your skin glowing and feeling cool (which in the Goa heat is a blessing).

More Details:

Available at all cosmetic stores
SPF 50 gives 97% skin protection from UVB rays
PA +++ keeps skin completely safe from harmful UVA rays
Dermatologically Tested

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