Shahid Doesn't Understand the Logic of an Actor Having Their Own Song!

Rashmi Daryanani , 28 Jan 2012
Shahid Kapoor

Have you seen Bipasha Basu‘s latest song Bipasha? Shahid Kapoor sure has – and when asked about it, he says he doesn’t understand the concept of having songs named after actors!

To him, actors play different characters in films, not themselves, so having a song named after an actor goes beyond his logic. Fair point, Shahid – but you can’t deny the PR value of these songs. Also, isn’t it a bit funny that the two leading ladies in Bollywood who have their own songs, are the same ones who used to be linked with Shahid? (Kareena has Bebo, and there were all those rumors about him and Bipasha that didn’t seem to amount to anything).

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