The Censor Board is Happy With Karan Johar!

Rashmi Daryanani , 29 Jan 2012
Karan Johar

Apparently the censor board is quite happy with Karan Johar right now – he listened to them and minimized the amount of violence in Agneepath, and further to that explained the meaning of the UA certification on every poster. The UA certificate means that parental guidance is advised, and while most producers just take the certificate and are done with it, Karan actually went as far as to issue a statement on the posters that parental guidance is advised due to violence in the film. A source close to the censor board said, “In this context, Karan Johar’s explanation of a UA certification on his posters is path-breaking, or Agneepath-breaking, if you will.” *Lol*

Also, apparently Agneepath had a ton more violence than what made it into the final version. The censor board was willing to give the UA certificate, but specified that director Karan Malhotra would have to tone down the violence scenes. Karan Johar collaborating with the board and taking the extra step to explain the rating has apparently started a new train of thought on censorial policies. They’re probably now thinking of making it mandatory for producers to explain ratings on the posters. If that’s the case… well, while the censor board may be happy with KJo, I can’t imagine the rest of the producers being that happy!

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