Top 5 Slaps in Bollywood (and Beyond!)

MissMalini , 31 Jan 2012

I had to do it, I mean it’s all anybody’s talking (or tweeting) about today! So I dug up, what I consider to be B-Town and TVs biggest slap attacks. Feel free to add any I may have missed in the comments below :)

how can she slap t-shirt

How Can She Slap?

Possibly reality TVs funniest viral video of all time (albeit slightly tragic for the boy in question.) In an episode of Dadagiri: Beat the Bullies, the actress playing the role of “Esha, the Goddess” slapped a contestant, Ravi Bhatia, across the face after instigating a brief, antagonistic verbal exchange. In response he slapped her, and then kept saying ‘How can she slap?”. (Then he was pounded by the crew and someone printed t-shirts.)

One Tight Slap!

I remember working at MTV India when this gem was invented by the promo king – Cyrus Oshidar. The series of promos relived all your most annoying, frustrating and maddening moments, with a happy ending – one tight slap. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Thapad Ki Gunj

I still find this to be one of the most chilling slaps in Bollywood. When jailer Vishwanath Pratap Singh (Dilip Kumar) plants a big fat one across arch-criminal Dr. Michael Deng’s (Anupam Kher) face in Karma he does not realize he has re-shaped his own future; soon after his two sons, and daughter-in-law are mercilessly gunned down by Deng’s men; his youngest son is crippled; and his wife, Rukmani loses her vocal chords. Yikes.

Chhe din ka chhe lakh. Aur iss thappad ka ek lakh.

In Lamhe when Sridevi’s haveli is about to be usurped by his evil cousins who have won a court battle. In order to have her wedding pass off peacefully, Anil Kapoor starts to negotiate a later date for the occupation. The cousin turns out to be a complete jerk and Anil slaps him. When asked to name his price for delaying the haveli occupation, he says – “chhe din ka chhe lakh. Aur iss thappad ka ek lakh.” Anil Kapoor walks up to him, slaps him thrice, turns to his munimji and says, “inhe 10 lakh ka cheque de dijiye.” Epic.

Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor

And of course…

The one current one currently abuzz on Twitter!

PS. On the Shah Rukh Khan v/s Shirish Kunder slap-tastic, the last word I heard is that Sunjay Dutt apparently also slapped  Kunder for sending a rude message to his wife Manyata! Perhaps he’s going for the record then, Tees Maar Khan?

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